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Wyatt’s Saloon – A Local Big Bear Favorite

At Village Reservations, our favorite place to hang out with family and friends is Wyatt’s Saloon located in the Big Bear Convention Center. The rustic outdoor patio and stage under the pines offers a welcoming oasis to children, young adults, and parents. This local Big Bear grill & saloon has plenty of room for kids to run around, while allowing parents and young adults to enjoy drinks and spend time with friends.  On Wednesdays, Wyatt’s Saloon offers free line dancing lessons. If we can’t make it to the free line dancing lessons on Wednesday nights, we go either Friday or Saturday and enjoy the live band on stage.

Wyatt’s Saloon also has a great menu with huge portions! You can check out their Yelp page or view their menu to get an idea of their food and drink options. Some of our staff’s favorite items on the menu are the Portobello Mushroom Sliders with onion rings and Peach Cobbler with vanilla ice cream for dessert. If you have a big appetite or want to get your drink on, they have huge burgers and a full bar for beer, wine, and cocktails. Wyatt’s Saloon is a hidden gem in Big Bear and has quickly become our favorite place to hang out with friends and family. Make sure to check them out during your next trip to Big Bear!

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