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Big Bear Vacation Rentals and Property Management

We are a full service vacation rental and property management company. We currently manage 75 vacation rentals in the Big Bear areas. We have been doing vacation rentals in the Big Bear area since 1996.

Here is what sets us apart from other management companies:

We have established unique programs and services to suit the needs of our homeowners. We have a 90 Night Occupancy Guarantee* to help you feel confident your home will be rented on a consistent basis. We have a No Hidden Fees* program to help keep you from being nickle and dimed to death for every little things. We guarantee superior care and maintenance of your home with our White Glove Property Care* program and our  by conducting our 40 Point iPad Inspection* service after every vacationer departs. We market your home more extensively than any other company at the lake through professional videos and photos, through our 10,000 client email newsletter, and through the network of over 40 websites that we advertise on.

We take care of our units better than any other company in Big Bear Lake and this is how!

1. We do a 100 point ipad inspection every year and deliver to you in a visual report with over 30 photos of your unit to make sure it’s in the best shape and so that you know exactly how your unit looks.

2. We do preventative maintenance on your unit 6 months after the yearly inspection taking care of the batteries in smoke detectors, the light bulbs, the water heaters, the filters, and tighten up all the door knows and cabinets.

We market your property more extensively than any other company in Big Bear Lake and this is how!

1. We take professional HD quality pictures of your unit and market your property on over 55 vacation rental listing sites.

2. We take professionally edited video of your unit in market it on our blog, facebook, twitter, youtube, main site, and many other vacation rental listing sites.

We get more repeat and referral business that any other company in Big Bear Lake and this is how!

1. We offer a VIP program to all repeat guests without having to discount!

2. We send out a monthly newsletter to all past guests since 1996.

3. We provide an exceptional welcome and concierge package throughout their stay.

We also offer long term property management services all over Big Bear. Please call or email us to find out more information on our services.

And lastly, we also offer corporate/monthly rentals in the Big Bear area.

*Call us for details and to see if your home qualifies for any of our unique programs.