Travel Nightmare with Fido in Tow? Here’s What to Do in a Tricky Travel Situation

Daydreaming of our next vacation is something most people enjoy. What’s much less enjoyable, however, are the unplanned, tricky situations that often occur while we’re traveling. A beloved relative might fall ill, causing us to need to change plans. Or we might arrive at the airport, only to discover we’ve been bumped from our flight. […]

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Wyatt’s Saloon

Wyatt’s Saloon – A Local Big Bear Favorite At Village Reservations, our favorite place to hang out with family and friends is Wyatt’s Saloon located in the Big Bear Convention Center. The rustic outdoor patio and stage under the pines offers a welcoming oasis to children, young adults, and parents. This local Big Bear grill […]

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Tips for Camping With a Dog

Camping With a Dog Unlike cats, dogs are usually pretty self-sufficient, so it’s easy for their needs to be overlooked when you take them on a trip. But when you’re camping or hiking with your pet, there are certain things you should plan for to make sure they stay safe and happy. Here are a […]

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Castle Rock Trail – Big Bear Lake

Castle Rock Trail – Big Bear Lake Natural Landmark Castle Rock Trail is a natural landmark that can be seen all over the valley and is located 1 mile east of the dam in Big Bear Lake. Because Castle Rock Trail is one of the most popular hiking spots in Big Bear Lake, it can […]

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Big Bear Lake Activities

Big Bear Lake Activities Lake activities are one of the most anticipated and popular things to do in Big Bear. Temperatures are warm and it’s a perfect place to spend the day either on shore or in the water. Whether you’d like to keep costs down or spend money, there are a variety of options when […]

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Top 5 Summer Activities in Big Bear

Top 5 Summer Activities in Big Bear Looking for some last minute summer activities for you and the family but not sure where to go? We’ve got you covered! 1. Marinas in Big Bear Lake Big Bear Lake is one of the best key places to enjoy your summer day, so why not include any […]

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Butler Peak, Big Bear Lake’s Hidden Secret

The view from the Butler Peak Fire Lookout Station is nothing short of amazing. It boasts incredible 360° views – including views of Big Bear Valley, Big Bear Lake, Lake Arrowhead, Apple Valley, San Gorgonio Peak, and the Inland Empire. The elevation is 8500 ft! It has been said that on a clear day, you […]

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2016 27th Annual Classic Car Show & Fun Run!

The 27th Annual Classic Car Show & Fun Run in Big Bear was as big a success as ever! More than 500 beautifully restored classic cars were on display in the Village this past weekend. Thousands of fans and car enthusiasts took to the Village to see the variety of cars all built prior to […]

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Arctic Circle – Highway 18 Road Closure

With the expected heavy winter coming, Caltrans is going to be working hard during the next couple weeks to make sure that the roads coming up the mountain are ready for not only the rough weather ahead, but also the heavy flow of traffic that is expected to hit the highway this winter. Starting this […]

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Halloween Events in Big Bear

Big Bear is stunningly beautiful in the fall and a great location to spend a weekend, especially during Halloween. There are plenty of events and activities for all ages to enjoy. Be sure to check out some of our favorites: Scarecrow Festival Big Bear’s second annual Scarecrow Festival runs until November 8, featuring dozens of […]

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