Big Bear Pet Friendly Rentals

Finding the perfect Big Bear pet friendly cabin rentals is easy with Village Reservations. Check out the cabins below that all accept pets when you are on vacation in Big Bear Lake, CA. Once you pick the perfect cabin or vacation rental for you and your dog, check out some popular attractions and things to do with your pet. We reccomend that you check out Grand View Point Trail in Edgemoor Road for a popular six-mile hike through the beautiful forest. If that’s a bit too much for your dog, you can go just a mile up the trail and turn around for a shorter hike. Other hiking options include Grays Peak Trail (difficult) and Woodland Trail (easy) depending on how long you can walk with your pet. If you’re visiting in summer, make sure to check the temperature of your dog and that they are comfortable the whole time. Dogs can get exhausted easily and you don’t want to stress your dog too much during a hike or walk.

Other more laid-back options include taking your dog to the Boathouse Dog Beach and relaxing overlooking the lake. If you have a bike or want to have fun, also visit the Alpine Pedal Path that’s a shorter 3.5 mile one-way option for cycling in Big Bear Lake.


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