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Top 5 Summer Activities in Big Bear

Looking for some last minute summer activities for you and the family but not sure where to go? We’ve got you covered!

1. Marinas in Big Bear Lake

Big Bear Lake is one of the best key places to enjoy your summer day, so why not include any water sports? Pine Knot Marina and Big Bear Marina are just two of the many marina’s along Big Bear Lake’s coast. These marina’s offer an array of exciting activities from kayaking and canoeing to tubing and jet skis. If you’re looking for an adventure or a simple day of fishing, stop by the numerous locations at your convenience.

Big Bear Lake Marina

2. Hiking Trails

Hiking is not only one of the most popular summer activities in Big Bear, it is also one of the easiest for all ages. Not only will you be treated to Big Bear’s elaborate meadows, but also to the outstanding panoramic views Bear Valley has to offer! The scenic wonders of each trail present a diversity of greenery created by the natural springs. Check out the expansive trails map to pick out your next hike, as they are sure not to disappoint! Also do not forget to pick up your Forestry Adventurers Pass!

Big Bear Hiking Trails


3. Mountain Biking

Big Bear Lake is considered one of the world-class biking regions in Southern California. The biking trails range from a simple 30-minute ride to an exciting 26 mile, 5 hour ride. One biking trail, Skyline Ridge, is one of the most popular. It passes through the scenic Snow Summit Ski Resort with views of the majestic Mount San Gorgonio and Big Bear Lake. An easy way to get to the trail head is to also experience Snow Summit’s Sky Chair, which do’s all the uphill climbing for you! If you’re looking for a route towards beginners, Woodland Trail would be right for you!

Big Bear Mountain Biking

4. Big Bear Discovery Center

Located in the heart of Big Bear Valley, the Big Bear Discovery Center is an educational/informative portal to San Bernardino’s National Forest. The facility’s number one goal is to create awareness to become a more responsible caretaker of our national forests. Not to mention, to widen the enjoyment and knowledge of California’s great outdoors.

Summer Activities


5. Golfing

Our gorgeous mountain resort golf course offers a breathtaking environment as you fancy a day of golf. You could sharpen your skills at our own driving range or enjoy a 9-hole round of golf on the regulation course. Have kids? Alpine Slide at Magic Mountain and the Big Bear Funplex both offer miniature golf and more for the whole family!

Big Bear Golfing